Proceeds from this event are for the benefit of The Mounted Guard. Payments are not deducted as charitable contributions. The proceeds of this event will benefit 10,000 children who will attend the Ararat Shrine Circus!

The idea of providing a special free Shrine Circus Performance for school children was conceived by members of the Mounted Guard years ago. They had presented their precision drill as a part of a county fair program, noticed how very much the youngsters enjoyed the evening's entertainment and the concept that the youngsters would really go for a circus performance developed. The result was that a special free circus performance was made a reality. This special Annual Special Shrine Circus performance sponsored by the Ararat Mounted Guard has now been in existence for more than 50 years. During this time, attendance at the performance has grown from 3,000 to approximately 10,000 children. We know that the youngsters have fun at this performance, we know that we enjoy it and the proceeds from this great bass tournament allow this tradition to continue.